November / December edition of Shrop Rocks magazine is available now !!!  from outlets throughout Shropshire, the next issue is out 1st January 2018.  Keeping it real !!!

We’re always looking for freelance music writers / journalists / photographers, irrelevant of experience or background, who want to be a part of our publication.

The writers we are looking for will have a passion for music and all things Shropshire.  If you are interested – or know anyone else who might be – please get in touch directly with our team:

All of our positions are volunteer based, which is a nicer way of saying that we won’t pay you. But in exchange for your carefully crafted words and picturesque photos, you will receive author credit on the site and magazine, fodder for your budding portfolio, access to music festivals, gigs and selected work will go to print in our bi-monthly publication.

Plus your friends will also be very impressed !!!

The only Shropshire Publication wrote by the people for the people.  Our content comes from local musicians, venue owners & budding writers