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We draw on the strength of our Shropshire connections and great content to drive uniquely deep engagement with our audiences across multiple platforms, enabling your marketing messages to cut through in an increasingly fragmented media consumption world. We are expert at communicating with supporters about their musical interests, igniting inspired conversations between our local artists and our advertisers.


With influential Shropshire artists across a wide range of genres, our magazine remains as relevant as ever. We engage our passionate and loyal supporters in a conversation that entertains, informs and inspires.


Shropshire businesses and brands are an integral part of people’s lives. Through social channels, supporters turn our inspiring content into an outward expression of their own personalities and interests, reaching out across their personal shared networks and into the wider world.

Our social media communities provide a platform to not only listen in on the conversation, but become a part of it. They act as a megaphone for both our content and your ad messaging.

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Shropshire businesses wield enormous influence on the social media front:

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